Springville Homes Means More Family Time

Springville Homes is another gem that adds to the crown of Odisha’s Jajpur Road. Known as one of India’s top 3 cities that is modelled on sustainable development, Springville Homes is the first major residential project in Jajpur. A perfect place where nature marries urban living, Springville Homes is the ideal spot to set up home with your family and enjoy a balanced life or work and leisure.

Here are the reasons why Springville Homes means more family time:

Outdoor Space

The faster our lives became the shorter our spaces got. Thankfully, it’s just the other way round in Springville Homes. With ample open spaces surrounding the apartments, games, strolls and runs with your family are going to come back with a good ounce of happiness.

Something for Everyone

Springville Homes is a far cry from a cut and dry residential complex where living the cooped up life is the norm. Most of all, its amenities are curated to keep something for everyone. There’s the gym for the health-nut brother, pool for your water baby, landscaped garden for your parents to laze around, A/V room for the movie buff teenager and lots more to keep your family happy and loneliness outside the community gates!

Staying Close

With Springville Homes, gone will be the days of missing your daughter’s school function or missing out on regular check-ups because the hospital is too far. Optimally located with the most important things close to hand, like schools, hospitals, clinics, police station, banks and railway station, staying close and connected to your family will never be a strain anymore.

Living it Together

Life is about doing things together and at Springville Homes, you’ll have the best opportunities to enjoy every day with your family! Hit up the gym with your partner or the pool with your brother, go skipping after your son or on a walk with your dad—there are infinity priceless moments that you don’t have to miss out on at Springville Homes.

Celebrating Life Together

Celebrating the ups and down of life together with family is what makes life a fulfilling journey. With Springville’s multipurpose hall with a pantry, you can now celebrate the best days of your life with your family, friends and loved ones—all under one roof!