Take a Screen-Break at Springville Homes

All of us who hail from generation Y or ‘millennial’ and before that, remember spending our childhood in the lap of nature, playing make-believe games and letting our imagination run free. We grew up among people, socializing, picking up life lessons along the way. In the current times, we find people of all age to be glued to their TV, phones, tablets and laptops. The only idea of socialization we have is ‘online’. With restricted space available, we are turning towards various screens for entertainment. But taking a screen-break becomes easier when you are at Springville Homes. The largest and most luxurious township in Kalinganagar, Jajpur Road comes with an abundance of space and brings in a promise of life that is blessed with wellness, entertainment and lifestyle amenities.

Here’s how you can take a screen-break and spend your time doing something constructive

1. Get Creative:

Sitting within the four walls glued to a screen, has hardly paved path for some creative inspiration. But beyond these four walls, the outer world is full of inspiration. Paint a masterpiece or read your favourite novel in the lovingly laid out Landscaped Garden in Springville Homes.

2. Get Fitness on Track:

Shift your focus from getting likes to getting fit. It is very hard not to be a fitness enthusiast when at Springville Homes. Springville Homes houses lavish gymnasium with latest equipment. So burn some calories in the gym or break some sweat and go for a walk in the landscaped garden, there are infinite options here at Springville Homes.

3. Swim Through Your Blues:

This constant shifting between multiple mobile apps is bound to make you feel mentally exhausted and induce a feeling of stagnation. Engage your brain cells and swim through your blues alone or spend some quality family time in the pool.

4. Find a Better Escape:

Being stuck to a screen after returning from a hectic day has become a usual routine now. This is how we escape from our mundane daily life now-a-days. But at Springville Homes we have a better escape planned for you; an in-house Games Room. Have an exciting match with your family or neighbours at a game of Pool, Carrom or Table Tennis. A good match will help you socialize and relieve all your work stress.

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