Five Advantages You Probably Didn’t Know of Living Near Your Workplace

In a world full of rush and people trying to get somewhere, we sure do miss out on a lot, specifically a thing which we really need a lot. We are talking about “time”. Every day thousands of people all over the world lose out on a lot of time travelling to a destination, specifically during the morning hours. People rush in public transportation to reach that one spot which helps them gain their daily bread and butter and a roof over their heads. When you live in Odisha, there is a population of 4.37 crores and with that comes a lot of traffic. But Springville Homes, situated near TATA Steel, JSW, and the steel hub of Jajpur road, Odisha, minimizes your time of commute to your office.

According to an article which was published per square mile, the ideal distance of living from your workplace should be a minimum of 20-30 minutes, depending on the time of travelling. Still not convinced? Well here are five advantages of living close to your workplace: -

Reduces Stress

And we cannot stress this enough. Your daily commute does affect your mental health. All those hours of an endless journey, to get to work is truly cumbersome. The long commutes might slow down your day and eventually stress you out at work leaving no energy left for you to get your work done.

Makes You More Productive

When your commute time gets shorter, it leaves more room in your headspace to think about how to get things done. You remain productive throughout the day, without thinking of when to catch the next train/bus back home and how to get the rest of your work done at home.

Makes You A Dependable Member

When the distance between your home and work is less, you get more time to give to your workplace. That makes you finish your work on time and get more work done as well. You’re not late to work anymore, your work is done on time, and your employers are happy with your performance.

Reforms Your Work/Home Life Balance

When you live a few minutes away from home, you can give more time to your family and your employees. Research says that there is a good chance of having a better relationship with your family when your commute time is shorter. You just might be able to visit your home for a quick lunch with your family during your break time.

Saves You Money

And when we say that, we mean it. You also end up creating lesser pollution. You end up saving a lot on your fuel prices if you commute by your own vehicle. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your travel via public transport as well. Now with that amount of saved money, you just might buy something you’ve been trying to save up on for a long period of time.

When you step foot at Springville Homes, you get to live in a tranquil area while staying near the steel cluster of Odisha, then why to wait?